NFT collectibles

Here is a presentation page of the NFTs: link 

As part of the project, Crypto Run Challenge relies on 3 series of NFTs: 

1) Participation NFTs: bib, proof of distance. These are NFTs that serve as proof of stake. These NFTs are intended to: 
- To become more beautiful over time For Bibs, 
- To become a proof of participation (sent automatically) 
- For medals, to continue to be a thank you NFT. 
These NFTs may become chargeable one day. 

Sneakers NFTs: These are art images that will be collectibles and will allow you to have bonus rewards put in a homogeneous collection with different rarity levels 

Other NFTs: NFT These are art images that will be collectibles and may have bonus rewards. They are not integrated into a finished collection but into one of the established categories. They correspond to awards, advertising campaigns, collaborations with other groups. They have a special bonus utility over time. currently, on the design, on making it useful. As soon as it is ready, we will present it to you.
Once ready, we will announce them to you!!!

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