Litepaper (EN)

In the context of crypto projects, a Litepaper is a technical document that presents in a simplified way the concept, technology, objectives and mechanisms of a cryptocurrency project. It is essentially an informative and educational document that aims to explain the inner workings of the project, its unique features, usefulness and potential benefits.

It is usually written by the founding team of the project and can be seen as a blueprint or guide for the development and implementation of the project.

The terms "whitepaper" and "litepaper" are commonly used in the cryptocurrency industry to refer to two types of documents that are similar in their purpose of explaining a project. The whitepaper is a more technical and in-depth document, intended for an informed audience, while the litepaper is more accessible and focuses on the key points of the project.


The document presented is a full litepaper or a "light" whitepaper.

Link to the Litepaper under Github: LINK